Record breaking Daybook!

just got back from perth last tues and it was a HOT HOLIDAY!
with 41.1 degrees, it was a heatwave we caught.
remember me telling you guys about the day book i brought,
here is the completed pages!

have fun!


Amy's DayBook

My Polorid impulse with the Impossible Project film!

All set, ready to go! was inspired by merdrey and amytangerine's blog :D 
it will be a challenge for me but I guess, you nvr start it'll nvr happen!
catch up with you when I come back and to see what there is installed.

Till then ciao!

Mission: Project life week 2

This week was more exciting, I suppose. I had more to talk about and project life has made me more aware of the little moments that seem unimportant but actually memorable! Will b off to australia for about 5 days :D seems like it will be hot during my stay :(

Watch out for my day book coming just before I leave!


Mission: Project Life Week 1

Started my 1st week of project life.
was super inspired and it seems to be a trend to be doing now!
since my exam's officially over,
time to embark in something worth while.
Lotsa journaling and i love the stuff I used! 

Materials used: 
American crafts stickers 
Thinkers for alphas
Journaling cards

stay tune for week 2!


Holga iPhone filters

*credit, Maisie Lim photographer!

picture done by the holga Iphone cover! really cool. 
that have like 10 different effects you cab choose from and it seems pretty interesting 
to a certain extent, it like 2 effects in one though :D

$35. pretty worth is I would say.
Get yours soon! 

AC: Dear Lizzy

did 2 layout and they were done by the latest 
DEAR LIZZY: dear lizzy neapolitan edition!
the pastal colours, flags and camera images are so camptivating!
do you fall in love with them too?

have fun with these new products too!